Volume 14 (1994-1995)

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Table of Contents


Research Articles
Dauphin,C. and Gibson, S., The Byzantine City at Dor/Dora Discovered
Kingsley, S. A., Bag-shaped Amphorae and Byzantine Trade: Expanding Horizons
Goren, H., The Legacy of Titus Tobler: Two New Archival Sources

Book Reviews
King, P. J., Jeremiah, An Archaeological Companion (B. S. J. Isserlin)
Gibson, S. and Taylor, J. E., Beneath the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The Archaeology and Early History of Traditional Golgotha (E. D. Hunt)
Dar, S., Settlement and Cult Sites on Mount Hermon, Israel: Ituraean Culture in the Hellenistic and Roman periods (D. M. Jacobson)
Segal, A., Theatres in Roman Palestine and Provincia Arabia (J. M. C. Bowsher)

The Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society
The Honorary Secretary’s Report
The Honorary Treasurer’s Report

Summaries of Lectures
Biran, A., New Discoveries at Dan and the Aramaic Stele
Pringle, D., Church Building in the Kingdom of Jerusalem
Finkel, I., Board Games in the Ancient Near East