Excavations in Israel and other useful links

Although the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society does not organize digs in Israel, there are various listings of digs in Israel for those who would like to participate as a volunteer. Volunteers should be in good physical condition and be able to work long hours in very hot weather. Each expedition will have its own accommodation arrangements and a fee is often charged. Most expeditions offer lectures on subjects related to the excavation, occasional trips in the area to sites and/or museums and some offer course credits.

Please note that the Society does not advise on or recommend specific digs nor can it accept any responsibility for the information given in the links below. Volunteers will need to correspond directly with the dig organizers. Any questions, comments or correspondence must be directed to the dig director and not the Society. Having said that, we hope you will find something to suit you and that you have a wonderful time on your chosen dig!

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides an annual list of archaeological expeditions which accept volunteers.

Biblical Archaeology Society

This site is run by the Biblical Archaeology Society and covers digs in Europe as well as in Israel and the Levant. It gives a comprehensive listing, an in-depth description of each dig including its location, historical and Biblical significance, what you will be doing while on the dig and information on the dig directors and professors who will lead the project.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Details of the Archaeology Institute at the Hebrew University’s current digs and links to the relevant site.

And finally…!

For those of you who would prefer to take part in a virtual dig from the comfort of your home, try the site provided by the Israel Museum, a computer graphic reconstruction based on a permanent Tel exhibit at the museum.

Other useful links:

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology website gives details of current digs, recent publications and research and information about the Institute’s library. The Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society is affiliated to the Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

British Friends of the Hebrew University
The British Friends of the Hebrew University (BFHU) is a national charity which raises funds for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the UK and promotes its breakthroughs and discoveries.

We have links with many other organisations. Listed below are website addresses for some of these:

All Archaeology
A categorized resource directory for everything about archaeology.

Archaeology Abroad
ARCHAEOLOGY ABROAD was set up in 1972 and is based at University College London’s Institute of Archaeology. It provides information about archaeological fieldwork opportunities outside the UK through its publication Archaeology Abroad. Around 1000 places are advertised annually for volunteers, professional staff and specialists on a wide variety of projects of all periods.

British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology
BANEA was founded in 1988 with the following objectives:
To promote the study of the archaeology, history, and languages of the ancient Near East at all levels; to provide a forum for discussion, and for the dissemination of information on these topics; and to enhance the provision of opportunities for such studies in Britain.

Council for British Research in the Levant
The CBRL supports and develops British research in the Levant. It supports scholars in the fields of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences through its grant awards scheme and Post-doctoral Fellowships. Its regional centres are in Amman and Jerusalem.

Israel Antiquities Authority
The Israel Antiquities Authority is responsible for all excavations in Israel.

Jewish Historical Society
The Jewish Historical Society is the oldest historical and learned society of its kind in Europe. The Society, based in London, has active branches in a number of centres and meets regularly with lectures on a wide range of subjects relating to Anglo-Jewish history, and publishes its biennial transactions known as Jewish Historical Studies. Several of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society’s Manchester lectures are held in conjunction with the JHSE Manchester branch.

Levantine Ceramics Project
This project was set up to create an open-source website of pottery dating from the Neolithic period to the Ottoman period in the Levant.

Palestine Exploration Fund
The purpose of the PEF is to promote research into the archaeology and history, manners and customs and culture, topography, geology and natural sciences of biblical Palestine and the Levant.

Tel Aviv University
Institute of Archaeology and Department of Archaeology & Ancient Near Eastern Civilization