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Volume 38 (2020)

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Recording magnetic measurements at Tell Iẓṭabba. Photo by Margherita Carletti.
Recording magnetic measurements at Tell Iẓṭabba. From the article by Lichtenberger et al.; Photo by Margherita Carletti.
Ollae perforatae: Planting pots discovered in situ at Jericho.
Planting pots from Jericho. From the article by Langgut and Gleason. Photo by M. Suchowolski, courtesy of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
A fortified farmhouse overlooking the ancient route from Ḥaluẓa to Niẓẓana.
A fortified farmhouse overlooking the ancient route from Ḥaluẓa to Niẓẓana. From the article by Sion and Rubin; image courtesy of O. Sion.

Editorial. David Jacobson and Rachael Sparks, pp 6–8.

Obituary: Magen Broshi (1929-2020). Shimon Gibson, pp 9–10.

A Faience Amulet of Pataikos/Ptah-Sokar from the Iron Age IIA Border Site of Khirbet Summeily, Israel. Geoffrey Ludvik, pp 11-30.

The Cultic Reform in the Gate Shrine of Lachish. Yosef Garfinkel, pp 31-44.

Magnetic Prospecting at Nysa-Scythopolis (Tell Iẓṭabba, Beth She’an, Israel): Deciphering Urban Planning at a Newly Founded Hellenistic Town of the Decapolis. Achim Lichtenberger, Cornelius Meyer and Oren Tal, pp 45–70.

Identification of the Miniaturised Garden of King Herod the Great: The Fossil Pollen Evidence. Dafna Langgut and Kathryn Gleason, pp 71–101.

Returning to the Caves of Mystery: Texts, Archaeology and the Origins of Christian Topography and Pilgrimage. Ken Dark, pp 103–124.

Ḥorvat Sa’adon and its Environs: A Large Settlement, Satellite Settlements and Agricultural Systems in the Negev in Antiquity. Ofer Sion and Rehav Rubin, pp 125–170.

Some Important Archaeological Discoveries in 2020. Gretchen Cotter and David M. Jacobson, pp 171–180.

Book Reviews, pp 181–197. Sylvie Donnat, Régine Hunziker-Rodewald and Isabelle Weygand, Figurines féminines nues. Proche-Orient, Égypte, Nubie, Méditerranée orientale, Asie centrale (VIIIe millénaire av. J.-C—IVe siècle ap.J.-C (Josef Mario Briffa); Manfred Bietak, Paolo Matthiae and Silvia Prell, Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern Palaces. Volume II. Proceedings of a Workshop Held at the 10th ICAANE in Vienna, 25–26 April 2016 (Marlies Heinz); Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah, Aelia Capitolina — Jerusalem in the Roman Period (David M. Jacobson); Kap Prag, Re-excavating Jerusalem. Archival Archaeology (Sveta Matskevich); Seymour Gitin (ed.), The Ancient Pottery of Israel and its Neighbours from the Middle Bronze Age through the Late Bronze Age (Alan Millard); Martin Worthington, Ea’s Duplicity in the Gilgamesh Flood Story (Alan Millard).

Lecture Summaries, pp 199–201.

Notes for Contributors. Pp 203-210.

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