Volume 27

Research Articles

Joan E. TaylorThe Dead Sea in Western Travellers’ Accounts from the Byzantine to the Early Modern Period

David M. JacobsonCharles Warren: An Appraisal of His Contribution to the Archaeology of Jerusalem

Felicity CobbingJohn Garstang’s Excavations at Jericho: A Cautionary Tale

Stephen G. RosenbergThe Parker Mission and Hezekiah’s Tunnel

Yoav Farhi, Yuval Gadot, David Ilan, Jessie Pincus-Ben-Avraham, Itamar Taxel, Levana Tsfania, Shlomit BacharThe Givat Sher-Modi’in Community-Based Excavation: Preliminary Report on the 2004-2006 Seasons

Ofer Sion, Ron Toueg and Yehudah Rapuano, Research Issues from the Excavations along the Eastern Periphery of Ramla

Review article

Sean KingsleyPots and Ports: Quantifying Trade in Ancient Palestine

Book Reviews

Romana HarfoucheHistoire des paysages méditerranéens terrassés: aménagemnts et agriculture, BAR International Series 1634, 2007 (Mohamed Ben Jeddou).

M. C. DavisDame Kathleen Kenyon: Digging Up the Holy Land, 2008 (Hugh Williamson).

Summaries of Lectures

Notes from Jerusalem (Stephen Rosenberg)

Notes for Contributors and Membership Form