About the E-Strata Newsletter

The AIAS would like to introduce a new initiative – the E-Strata Newsletter. Written by Honorary Secretary Sean Kingsley, it is designed as an informal exploration of all things to do with the archaeology of Israel.

In its pages, you can expect to find snippets of archaeological news, interviews with notable figures, useful links to online resources, and more besides. Is there an exciting new book out you might like to read? Have you been looking for some free online lectures or courses? We’ll tell you all about it.

Download E-Strata Newletter (issue 01, 2020)

Here’s what our members have been saying about E-Strata

Thanks for the first edition of the Strata Newsletter which was an enjoyable read while we have no way to meet for lectures – Mark Ponman

Congratulations on E-Strata 1. It is absolutely first class in both content and presentation and certainly deserves wider circulation than our membership alone. We are all very much in your debt Hugh Williamson

Please congratulate Sean for this excellent newsletter — it is a major achievement and he has done the AIAS proud – Shimon Gibson

Thanks and congratulations on E-Strata No. 1. Great idea and very well done. In these corona days, it is great to hear from you and society – Ami Mazar

What an excellent idea and great content – Mike Calvert

Brilliant initiative – Sandra Jacobs

Congratulations to the Society and the Hon. Editor on the publication of E-Strata1 and the excellent and informative standard of the contents. I look forward to reading E-Strata 2 and subsequent numbers – John Gordon