Strata — Volume 39 (2021)

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Editorial. Tessa Rajak, pp. 6–9.

Obituary: Dr Eilat Mazar (1956–2021). Shimon Gibson, pp. 10–14.

Old But Still Topical: The Dispute between Driver and Sayce on Biblical Archaeology. H.G.M. Williamson (Special Anniversary Contribution), pp. 15–34.

Babatha’s Sisters: Judean Women Refugees in the Cave of Letters and the Christmas Cave. Joan E. Taylor, pp. 35–68.

A Recycled Roman Garland Sarcophagus from Ḥorvat Zikhrin. Moshe Fischer ז”ל, pp. 69–96.

An Overview of the Decorative Programme of the Semi-public Complex in Insula W2S3, Caesarea Maritima. Rivka Gersht and Peter Gendelman, pp. 97–144.

An Angel from Shivta. Emma Maayan-Fanar, Yotam Tepper and Yotam Asscher, pp. 145–166.

The Incidental Archaeology of Mary Eliza Rogers: Early 19th Century Perspectives on Ancient Remains. Rachel Hallote, pp. 167–196.

Some Important Archaeological Discoveries in 2021. David Jacobson with contributions by Gretchen Cotter, pp. 197–210.

Book Reviews, pp. 211–235. Fanny Bessard, Caliphs and Merchants: Cities and Economies of Power in the Near East (700–950) (Nasser Alfalasi); Assaf Yasur-Landau, Eric H. Cline and Yorke M. Rowan, The Social Archaeology of the Levant. From Prehistory to the Present (Louise Blanke); Ken Dark, The Sisters of Nazareth Convent. A Roman-period, Byzantine, and Crusader Site in Central Nazareth (Josef Mario Briffa); Rosemary Luff, The Impact of Jesus in First-century Palestine: Textual and Archaeological Evidence for Long-standing Discontent, and Jordan J. Ryan, From the Passion to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Memories of Jesus in Place, Pilgrimage, and Early Holy Sites Over the First Three Centuries (Ken Dark); Haim Goren, ‘The Loss of a Minute is Just so Much Loss of Life’. Edward Robinson and Eli Smith in the Holy Land (David M. Jacobson); Tracy Hoffmann, Ashkelon 8: The Islamic and Crusader Periods (Rafael Y. Lewis); Shimon Gibson, Seeking New Landscapes: One Woman’s Photographic Journey in April 1931 from Germany to the Middle East (Isobel C. MacDonald); Hanan Eshel and Boaz Zissu, The Bar Kokhba Revolt: The Archaeological Evidence (Joan E. Taylor).

Lecture Summaries, pp. 237–241.

Notes for Contributors, pp. 243-250.

ISSN 2042-7867 (Print), ISSN 2633-4216 (Online)