About Strata

Journal of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

Strata is an annual peer-reviewed academic journal that seeks to bring the latest studies of the archaeology of Israel-Palestine and its surrounding regions to a wider international audience. We welcome articles on many aspects of research that lead to a better understanding of the archaeology in this region, an archaeology that is of great interest internationally because of its significance both for understanding the development of three of the world’s great religions and for the important history of Israel-Palestine. We are also keen to have reviews of recently-published books studies on archaeological topics of the area.

From 1982 – 2008 Strata was published as the Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society. In 2009 the journal’s name was changed to Strata. Strata articles are widely available online in the Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) database,  though note that these currently still remain categorised under the Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society.

All AIAS members automatically receive a free copy of Strata as part of their annual membership. Copies can also be purchased individually, at £7.50 per issue. You can download an order form here.

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Ken Dark (AI*********@ho*****.com).

Associate Editor: Dr Rachael T. Sparks (AI*********@ho*****.com).

Reviews Editor: Dr Rebekah Welton (re************@gm***.com).

Editorial Advisory Board:  Rami Arav, Shimon Dar, Yosef Garfinkel, Shimon Gibson, Martin Goodman, Raphael Greenberg, Sean Kingsley, Dafna Langgut, Tessa Rajak.

Thinking of contributing? Download our Instructions for Authors and Strata Style Guide.

Strata: ISSN 2042-7867 (Print), ISSN 2633-4216 (Online); Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society: ISSN 0266-2442 (Print), ISSN 2633-4208 (online).