Strata — Current Issue

Volume 40 (2022)

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Editorial. David M. Jacobson, pp. 6–7.

Obituary. Yosef Aviram (1915–2022). Alan Paris, pp. 9–11.

Demons and Deities in Geshurite Bethsaida. Ann Haverkost and Rami Arav, pp. 13–38.

The ‘Client Kings’ of Judaea and Nabataea in the 1st Century BCE. David Graf, pp. 39–100.

An Act of Homage to Herod the Great on his Largest Coin. David Jacobson, pp. 101–121.

The Painted Tomb at Ḥanita. Talila Michaeli, pp. 123–172.

Left Behind: 19th Century Artefacts from a Bliss and Dickie Excavation Tunnel at Mount Zion, Jerusalem. Yoav Arbel and Yehiel Zelinger, pp. 173–196.

Book Reviews, pp. 197–213. Andrew Davis, Reconstructing the Temple: The Rhetoric of Temple Renovation in the Ancient Near East and Israel (Michael Hundley); Peter Dubovský and F. Giuntoli (eds.), Stones, Tablets, and Scrolls: Periods of the Formation of the Bible (Sandra Jacobs); Andrea M. Berlin and Paul. J. Kosmin (eds.), The Middle Maccabees: Archaeology, History and the Rise of the Hasmonean Kingdom (David M. Jacobson); Kobi Cohen-Hattab and Doron Bar, The Western Wall: The Dispute over Israel’s Earliest Jewish Site, 1967–2000 (Shimon Gibson).

Lecture Summaries, pp. 215–224.

Notes for Contributors, pp. 225-233.

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