Strata — Volume 37 (2019)

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Editorial. David Jacobson, pp 5–6.

Obituary: Amos Kloner (1940–2019). Adi Erlich, pp 9–11.

Khirbet al-Ra‘i in the Judean Shephelah: The 2015–2019 Excavation Seasons. Yosef Garfinkel, Kyle H. Keimer, Saar Ganor, Christopher Rollston and David Ben-Shlomo, pp 13–50.

Was Khirbet al-Ra‘i Ancient Ziklag? Yosef Garfinkel and Saar Ganor, pp 51–59.

Land Use, Regional Integration, and Political Complexity: Understanding the Hesi Region as Pasturage during Iron Age IIA. James W. Hardin and Jeffrey A. Blakely, pp 61–94.

New Observations on the ‘Basalt Stone Table’ from Horvat Kur, Galilee. Jürgen K. Zangenberg, pp 95–111.

On the Location of Mons Gaudii in Northern Jerusalem. Shimon Gibson and Misgav Har-Peled, pp 113–140.

Digging in the Archives: Methodological Guidelines on Conrad Schick’s Documents at the PEF and the Study of Archaeology. David Gurevich, pp 141–162.

Book Reviews, pp 163–183. Jodi Magness, Masada: From Jewish Revolt to Modern Myth (Gwyn Davies); David Gurveich and Anat Kidron (eds), Exploring the Holy Land: 150 Years of the Palestine Exploration Fund (Thomas Davis); Vered Noam, Shifting Images of the Hasmoneans: Second Temple Legends and Their Reception in Josephus and Rabbinic Literature (Benedikt Eckhardt); Catherine C. Lorber, Coins of the Ptolemaic Empire Part I: Ptolemy I through Ptolemy IV (Yoav Farhi); Oded Lipschitz and Aren M. Maeir (eds), The Shephelah during the Iron Age: Recent Archaeological Studies, and Michael G. Hasel et al., Socoh of the Judean Shephelah: The 2010 Survey (Alan Millard); Laura Salah Nasrallah, Archaeology and the Letters of Paul (Matthew V. Novenson); and Shawn Zelig Aster and Avraham Faust (eds), The Southern Levant under Assyrian Domination (Margreet L. Steiner).

Lecture Summaries, pp 185–188.

Some Important Archaeological Discoveries in 2019. David M. Jacobson, pp 189–197.

Grant Reports 2019. Jacob Deans, pp 199–201 ; Dominik Hronex, pp 201–202; Lily Nash, pp 203–204; Alex Rodzinka, pp 205–206; Rebekah Welton, pp 206–208.

ISSN 2042-7867 (Print), ISSN 2633-4216 (Online)