Volume 10 (1990–1)

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

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Table of Contents

Wightman, G. J., Temple Fortresses in Jerusalem. Part II: The Hasmonean Baris and Herodian Antonia
Jacobson, D. M., The Plan of Herod’s Temple
Gibson, S. and Urman, D., Three Coins of Alexander Jannaeus from El’Al in the Golan Heights

Review Article
Chapman, R. L., In Pursuit of the Early Bronze Age

Book Reviews
Hachlili, R., Ancient Jewish Art and Archaeology in the Land of Israel (C. Dauphin)
Isaac, B., The Limits of Empire. The Roman Army in the East (S. Dar)
Bartlett, J. R., Edam and the Edomites (E. Stern)
Schwartz, D. R., Agrippa I. The Last King of Judaea (D. M. Jacobson)
Pummer, R., The Samaritans (J. E. Taylor)
James, P. J. et al., Studies in Ancient Chronology (R. M. Porter)

Books Received for Review

Ora Yogev, 1934-1989 (Eliot Braun)

The Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society Summaries of Lectures Given in 1990-1
Urman, D., Tel Nessana: a Meeting Place of Cultures During the Byzantine Period
Goodman, M., Synagogue and Temple in Late Antiquity
Biran, A., The Tale of Two Cities: Israelite Dan and Canaanite Laish
Pringle, D., Crusader Jerusalem

Grants Given by the Society
Anderson, J. D. ; James, S.