Volume 11 (1991–2)

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

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Table of Contents

Kloner, A. and Stark, H., A Burial Cave on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem
Nadelman, Y., Vessels from a Favissa of the First Temple?

Review Article
Dauphin, C., Man Makes His Landscape

Book Reviews
Moorey, P. R. S., A Century of Biblical Archaeology (W. G. Dever)
Potts, D. T., The Arabian Gulf in Antiquity (Y. Nini)
Kasher, A., Jews and Hellenistic Cities in Eretz-lsrael (D. M. Jacobson)
James, P. J. et aI., Centuries of Darkness (J. Mellaart)
Schur, N., History of the Samaritans (J. E. Taylor)
Walker, P. W. L., Holy City, Holy Places? Christian Attitudes to Jerusalem and the Holy Land in the Fourth Century (J. E. Taylor)

Books Received for Review

The Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society Summaries of Lectures Given in 1991-2
Goren, D., Excavations at Gamla
Barag, D. P., Gleanings of Jewish Art from the Coins of Bar Kokhba
Ritmeyer, L., The Early Development of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Kitchen, K. A., Ancient Egypt and the Old Testament
Curtis, J., Excavations at Nimrud, Balawat and other Assyrian Sites

Grants Given by the Society
Taylor, J. E.; Kingsley, S. A.; lsserlin, R. M. J.; Scott, E.