Volume 13 (1993–4)

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

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Table of Contents

Wilkinson, J., Stone Tables in Herodian Jerusalem
Chapman, R. L., The Dan Stele and the Chronology of Levantine Iron Age Stratigraphy
Jacobson, D. M., King Herod, Roman Citizen and Benefactor of Kos
Urman, D., A Salvage Excavation at Horvat ‘Ofrat (Kh. et-Taiyiba)

Review Article
Magrill, P., The Social Life of Pots?

Book Reviews
Manns, F., and Alliata, E., Early Christianity in Context (S . Mimouni)
LaBianca, O. S., Sedentarization and Nomadization (S. Dar)
Taylor, J. E., Christians and the Holy Places (E. D. Hunt)
Schwartz, D. R., Studies in the Jewish Background of Christianity (J. E. Taylor)
Negev, A., Personal Names in the Nabatean Realm (A. R. Millard)

Books Received for Review

Anthony Lewison , 1921-93 (D. J. Siddel)
Aharon Kempinsky, 1939-94 (C. Dauphin)

The Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society
The Honorary Secretary’s Report

Summaries of Lectures
Rajak, T., Caesarea: Archaeology and History
Kaufman, A. S., The Shape and Precise Location of the Second Temple at Jerusalem

Grants Given by the Society
Nicholson, J.; Boyd, B.; Lange, C.