Volume 14 (1994–5)

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

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Editorial. Shimon Gibson, pp 7–8.

The Byzantine City of Dor/Dora Discovered. Claude Dauphin and Shimon Gibson, pp 9–38.

Bag-shaped Amphorae and Byzantine Trade: Expanding Horizons. Sean A. Kingsley, pp 39–56.

Titus Tobler’s Legacy: Two Sources. Haim Goren, pp 57–62.

Book Reviews, pp. 63–72.

The Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society: Honorary Secretary’s Report 1994–5. Roberta L. Harris, p. 73.

Honorary Treasurer’s Report 1994–5. Richard Domb, p. 74.

Summaries of Lectures, pp. 75–77.