Volume 16 (1998)

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

Table of Contents

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Research Articles

A. Kloner, Water-retaining Dams in the North-eastern Negev Highlands

G.Finkielsztejn, More Evidence on John Hyrcanus I’s Conquests: Lead Weights and Rhodian Amphora Stamps

G. Barkay, A Signet Ring of Alexander

A. de Vincenz, Two Stamped Syrian Mortaria from Shuni

Y. Selinger, The Identification of the Jerusalem-Lydda (Diospolis) Roman Road on the Madaba Map and Khirbet el-Latatin

Review Articles

D. M. Jacobson, Masada: Thirty Years On

D. Bahat, Below the Temple Mount

Book Reviews

Malloy, A. G., et al., Coins of the Crusader States (D. Symons)

Edelstein, 0., et al., The Rephaim Valley Project. Villages, Terraces, and Stone Mounds (K. Prag)

Hirschfeld, Y. The Palestinian Dwelling in the Roman-Byzantine Period (C. Dauphin)


Michael Weitzman, 1946-1998 (D. M. Jacobson)

Summaries of Lectures

D. Collon, Seals, Prestige and Trade in the Second Millennium BC

Z. Gal, Recent Discoveries in the Galilee

S. A. Kingsley, Anchorages Ancient and Marinas Modern: Ignoring Roman and Byzantine Maritime Heritage

C. R. Cartwright, Ancient Wood and Charcoal: A View From the Microscope

K. Prag, Re-excavating Jerusalem: the Work of the Joint Expedition, 1961~1967

Grants Given by the Society

Matthew Pritchard; Julia Wright