Volume 17 (1999)

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

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Table of Contents


Research Articles

J. P. Gregoire, The Grain-Grinding-Households of Southern Mesopotamia at the end of the 3rd Millennium Before the Common Era

C. Dauphin, Plenty or Just Enough? The Diet of the Rural and Urban Masses of Byzantine Palestine

D. M. Jacobson, Geometrical Planning in Monumental Herodian Architecture

Review Article

C. Dauphin, The Birth of a New Disicpline: Archaeological Demography

Book Review

Negev, A, The Architecture of Oboda (J. R. Bartlett)


Robert Pitt, 1920-1998 (A. Jones)

Summaries of Lectures

A.H.W. Curtiss, Ugarit: Clues from a Canaanite City?

A. Kloner, The Recent Excavations at Beth-Guvrin-Eleutheropolis

K. D. Politis, Survey and Excavations at the South-east End of the Dead Sea in Jordan

Y. Alexandre, The Material Culture of Northern Israel at the Time of the Achaemenid Empire (AD 532-332) – Two Recent Excavations

Grants Given by the Society

Robina Rendall