Volume 23 (2005)

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

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Table of Contents


Research Articles

C. P. Thiede, E.H.E. Lass and R. Lewis, Excavation of a Crusader Building at Motza

E.H.E. Lass, Flotation at Motza

A. Strus and S. Gibson, Khirbet el-Jiljil (Bet Gemal) near Beth Shemesh

M. W. Merrony, The Mosaic Pavements at Khirbet el-Jiljil

L. di Segni, An Inscription from Khirbet el-Jiljil

E.A. Arslan, Coins from Khirbet el-Jiljil

A. de Vincenz, The Pottery from Khirbet el-Jiljil (First Season)

J. Mlynarczyk, The Pottery from Khirbet el-Jiljil (Second Season)

R. Gophna, I. Taxel and A. Feldstein, A New Identification of Ancient Ono

A. Faust, On the Use of ‘Land of Israel’. Palestine and other Terms in the Study of Western Asia. A comment on a review by C. Dauphin

Book Reviews

J. J. Moscrop, Measuring Jerusalem: The Palestine Exploration Fund and British Interests in the Holy Land (D. M. Jacobson).

T. Ilan, Lexicon of Jewish Names in Late Antiquity Part I: Palestine 330 BCE-200 CE (E.M. Meyers).

Summaries of Lectures

W. Loebl, Biblical Symbolism in Early Christian Art

J. Curtis, The Department of the Ancient Near East at the British Museum (Richard D. Barnett Memorial Lecture)

G. Hadas, The Ancient Village of Ein Gedi in the Light of Recent Excavations

C. J. Brandon, Caesarea Maritima: the World’s First Large-Scale Artificial Harbour

M. D. Goodman, Ancient Coins and Jewish Identity (Richard D. Barnett Memorial Lecture)

S. Goldhill, Whose Temple? Whose Prayers? Investigating the Temple of Jerusalem


Carsten Peter Thiede, 1952-2004 (Ulrich Sahm and E.H.E. Lass)

Peter Style, 1934-2005 (S.G. Rosenberg and A. Jones)

Grants given by the Society E. A. Myers