Volume 25 (2007)

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

B. ZissuA Burial Cave from the Second Temple Period at El-Maghar on the Southern Coastal Plain

S. Pfann, R. Voss and Y. RapuanoSurveys and Excavations at the Nazareth Village Farm (1997-2002): Final Report

L. MatassaUnravelling the Myth of the Synagogue on Delos

L. Di Segni and S. GibsonGreek Inscriptions from Khirbet el-Jiljil and Beit Jimal and the Identification of Caphar Gamala

S. PfannReassessing the Judean Desert Caves: Libraries, Archives, Genizas and Hiding Places

Review articles

J.E. TaylorQumran in Context: Reassessing the Archaeological Evidence

Book Reviews

Rainey, A.F., and Notley, R.S., The Sacred Bridge: Carta’s Atlas of the Biblical World (J.R. Bartlett)

Ritmeyer, L., The Quest, Revealing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (S. Rosenberg)

Brooks, S.S., Saul and the Monarchy: A New Look (O. Sergey)

Summaries of Lectures

G. Gilmour, Religion in Israel in the Period of the Judges

S. Bhayro, Is it Possible to Write a History of Ancient Israel?

C. Dauphin, Sex and Ladders in the Monastic Deserts of Late Antique Egypt and Palestine

M. Geller, The Archaeology of Biblical-Talmudic Medicine

J. Ray, Love Poems, Schooldays and the Alphabet that Never Was: Egyptian Influences on the Hebrew Monarchy

R.L. Chapman, Samaria: Royal Citadel of the Kings of Israel

J. Tubb, The Identification of Qadesh

P. Collins, Human and Divine Attendants at the Royal Courts of Assyria and the Near East

M. J.Ponting, Copper-based Metalwork from the Jewish Quarter Excavations in the Old City, Jerusalem

K. A. Kitchen, Sheba to Gashmu: Ancient Arabia as Background to the Hebrew Bible


Yitzhar Hirschfeld, 1950-2006 (S. Gibson)

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