Volume 26 (2008)

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

D. StaceySeasonal Industries at Qumran

G. HadasDead Sea Sailing Routes during the Herodian Period

R. AistThe Monasteries of the Miraculous Healing in Post-Byzantine Jerusalem: A Reassessment of the North Gate Column of the Madaba Map

I. TaxelRural Monasticism at the Foothills of Southern Samaria and Judaea in the Byzantine Period: Asceticism, Agriculture and Pilgrimage

S. KingsleyFrom Carmel to Genesis: A Neolithic Flood for the Holy Land?

Review articles

R. SalmResponse to ‘Surveys and Excavations at the Nazareth Village Farm (1997-2002): Final Report’, with replies to Salm from S.J. Pfann, Y. Rapuano and K. Dark

Y. RapuanoThe Nazareth Village Farm Project Pottery (1997-2002): Amendment

Book Reviews

O’Loughlin, T., Adomnan and the Holy Places: The Perceptions of an Insular Monk of the Locations of the Biblical Drama. (R. Aist)

Salm, R.The Myth of Nazareth: The Invented Town of Jesus (K. Dark)

Summaries of Lectures

J.E. Taylor, Qumran Connected: The Roads and Passes of the Northwestern Dead Sea Coast and Buqei’a

C. Batsch, Warfare and Laws of War in Ancient Judaism

A. Faust, The Extent of Sennacherib’s Campaign to Judah in 701 BCE: A New Examination

K. Dark, Re-interpreting Roman-Period and Byzantine Nazareth

D. L. Stein, The Biblical Tree of Knowledge: Reflections from the Ancient Near East

J. Clarke, Cyprus and the Levant in the Neolithic: New Theories, New Insights, New Data

D. Pringle, Acre at the Time of the Crusader Kingdom

K. A. Kitchen, The Hebrew Bible and its Critics – A Verdict from the Ancient Near East

M. Goodman, Rome and Jerusalem

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