Volume 7 (1987–8)

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

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Table of Contents

Research Articles
Broshi, M., Troy and Jericho
Barkay, G., A Roman-period Samaritan Burial from Talluze
Gleason, L., Garden Excavations at the Herodian Winter Palace in Jericho, 1985-7
Crown, D., The Biblical Samaritans in the Present Day

Book Reviews
Dauphin, C., and Edelstein, G., L’Église Byzantine de Nahariya (Israël)- Étude Archéologique
Shepherd, N., The Zealous Intruders: the Western Rediscovery of Palestine
Kenyon, K. M., and (ed.) Moorey, P. R. S., The Bible and Recent Archaeology
Hirschfeld, Y., Archaeological Survey of Israel-Map of Herodium
Pritchard, J. B., (ed.) The Times Atlas of the Bible 

Books Received for Review

Chairman’s Message

Summaries of Lectures Given in 1986-7
Vermes, G., The Dead Sea Scrolls: Forty Years On
N. Hepper, N., Plants and the Bible: Literary and Archaeological Evidence
Gibson, S., Sataf: Landscape Archaeology Near Jerusalem
Borowski, O., The Iron Age at Tell Halif
Zias, J., Recent Anthropological Discoveries in the Holy Land
Kark, R., Plans for the Settlement of Palestine During the Nineteenth Century

Gleason, L.; Vitto, F.; Shalev, S.; Jackson, N.

Vitto, F., New Research on Ancient Synagogues
Braun, E., The Barnett Collection

Letter to the Editors