Volume 8 (1988–9)

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

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Table of Contents


Hirschfeld, Y. and Kloner, A., Khirbet el-Qasr: a Byzantine Fort in the Judaean Desert
Stacey, D., Umayyad and Egyptian Red-slip ‘A’ Ware from Tiberias
Dar, S., Horvat Sumaqa: a Settlement From the Roman and Byzantine Periods in the Carmel
Gheva, D. and Louhivuori, M., Typological Proximity Analysis of Ceramic Groups: a Study of Unpainted Pottery From Jericho Proto-urban Tombs

Book Reviews
Crown, A. D. (ed.), The Samaritans (J. E. Taylor)
Tsafrir, Y., Excavations at Rehovot-in-the-Negev. Volume I: The Northern Church (C. Dauphin)
Flanagan, J. W., David’s Social Drama. A Hologram of Israel’s Early Iron Age (B. S. J. Isserlin)
Arav, R., Hellenistic Palestine (M. Goodman)
Zohary, D. and Hopf, M. , D0mestication of Plants in the Old World (F. N. Hepper)
Levy, T. (ed.), Shiqmim I: Studies Concerning Chalcolithic Societies in the Northern Negev Desert, Israel 1982- 84 (R. Chapman)

Books Received for Review

Professor Yigal Shiloh, 1937- 87 (J. M. Cahill and A. de Groot).

The Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society Summaries of Lectures Given in 1988-9
Gichon, M., Napoleon and his ‘Jewish National Home’ in the Holy Land
Hendel, R. S., Images of God in Ancient Israel
Dauphin, C., Er-Ramthaniyye: Surveying an Early Bedouin Byzantine Pilgrimage Centre in the Golan Heights
Ussishkin, D., The Walls of Jericho

Grants Given by the Society
Dauphin, C.; Gibson, S.; Taylor, J. E.; Kingsley, S.; Lello, T.; Sheffer, A.; Dillon, F.; Ibbs, B.