Volume 9 (1989–90)

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

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Table of Contents


Taylor, J. E., Capernaum and its ‘Jewish-Christians’: a Re-examination of the Franciscan Excavations
Wightman, G. J., Temple Fortresses in Jerusalem. Part I: The Ptolemaic and Seleucid Akras
Magrill, P., An Assyrian Glazed Pottery Vase from Lachish
Dar, S., Axes from the Early Bronze Age at a Site Near Nahal Alexander

Book Reviews
Kempinski, A., Megiddo: A City-State and Royal Centre in North Israel (G. J. Wightman)
Garrard, A. H. and Gebel, H. G. (eds), The Prehistory of Jordan (Y. Garfinkle)
Rosen-Ayalon, M., The Early Islamic Monuments of Al-Haram al-Sharif: An Iconographic Study (G. Fehérvári)
Campana, D. V., Natufian and Protoneolithic Bone Tools (Y. Garfinkle)
Hachlili, R., Ancient Synagogues in Israel (C. Dauphin)
Wightman, G. J., The Damascus Gate, Jerusalem (D. Bahat)

Books Received for Review

Dr Jacob Kaplan, 1910-1989 (R. Gophna)
Dr Zvi Han, 1936-1990 (S. Dar)

The Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society Summaries of Lectures Given in 1989-90
Bartlett, J. R., Ezion-geber/Elath: a study in Stratigraphy and Topography
Fehérvári, G., The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Grants Given by the Society
Osgood, S. J.; Magrill, P.

La Bianca, O. S., Sedentarization and Nomadization