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Jubilee Appeal

The Trustees of The Anglo-Israel Archaeological society have decided to launch a special appeal to mark our Diamond Jubilee, which was announced at our Diamond Jubilee event for members at the British Academy on May 4th. A video of the event can be accessed here or viewed below.

AIAS Diamond Jubilee event at the British Academy

The Appeal will be targeted at a specific archaeological project in Israel, whose identity will be decided upon during the course of the appeal, which we will run for 12 months. The funding will be used in three ways.

Firstly, to provide a substantial grant or grants to one or more students or early career candidates to be associated with the project and gain on-the-ground archaeological experience. As many will know, we have historically provided four or five travel grants each year to students to go on a variety of digs in Israel, and we have created a special video of Professor Shimon Gibson, a Trustee of AIAS, explaining how the Mt Zion project in Jerusalem has benefited from students supported by the Society. Professor Gibson’s video can be accessed here or viewed below. However, this Appeal will be different. For a start, the bursary or bursaries will cover not only travel, but also all living expenses while in Israel. Additionally, it will be focused on one project, rather than four or five.

Professor Shimon Gibson

Secondly, we will be using the funds raised by the Appeal to pay for a teaching component to the digs, so as to assist the project director and staff with structured learning for all the volunteers on the dig.

Lastly, we will be looking for ways to assist the project budget in funding the travel, from time to time, of a range of specialists who may benefit the project with their expert knowledge.

Our Chair and Committee are busy structuring a campaign to run during the appeal. We will update you as to the Appeal’s progress on this page, along with giving you stills and videos of the projects we have helped in the past.

Please support this Appeal generously either through the link on this page or by contacting our Administrator, Sheila Ford on We have been very fortunate to secure matched funding for this Appeal, so every £ or $ you give will be doubled.

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