Diamond Jubilee Grants

Our Diamond Jubilee appeal was very successful, and we are excited to announce the recipients of our special awards for 2023.

From July to August, 5 lucky students will be joining the Tel Azekah excavations. They will become integral parts of the dig team, taking part in field work as well as attending lectures on archaeology and ancient history and culture. On their days off, they will be able to travel within Israel to explore its rich cultural landscape and learn more about the wider archaeology of the region.

We wish them all the best for their coming field season.

Our Grant Recipients

So let’s meet our Diamond Jubilee students.

2023 AIAS Grant recipient Boudicca Bell

BOUDICCA BELL already has four seasons at Azekah under her belt, and is delighted to be able to return in the role of Assistant Area Supervisor for 2023. She has a BA in Biblical Studies at the University of St. Andrews, and a MA in Archaeology at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, and looks forward to building archeology into her future career. She is particularly interested in using archaeology to reconstruct sensory experiences in Bronze Age cult settings — and hopes Azekah will build on her understanding of this fascinating period.

2023 AIAS Diamond Jubilee Grant recipient Max Benster

MAX BENSTER is a second-year undergraduate studying Theology at Oriel College, Oxford. His current degree focus is on the Hebrew Bible, but includes study of Rabbinic Judaism and Patristics. He is looking forward to digging at Azekah and learning more about the material culture of ancient Judaism — and hopes to incorporate this into his future studies.

2023 AIAS Diamond Jubilee Grant recipient Andy McNey.

ANDY MCNEY is currently reading for the MSt in Late Antique and Byzantine studies at the University of Oxford. His research centres on the integration of papyri with archaeological and paleoclimate data, and recently presented a study of viticultural decline in the 6th century Negev at the CEMS 2023 Graduate conference in Vienna. He hopes to use his experiences at Azekah to gain a better understanding of archaeological methods in practice, and improve his own research skills in the process.

2023 AIAS Diamond Jubilee Grant recipient Robert Nolan.

ROBERT NOLAN is currently studying Ancient History at UCL, exploring the Bronze and Iron Age of the Mediterranean, Levant and Mesopotamia. Recent interests include the influence and impact of the Roman army in Israel and history and archaeology of the Iron Age Mediterranean. He is keen to add archaeological skills to his toolkit and deepen his understanding of the material culture of Israel over diverse periods.

2023 AIAS Diamond Jubilee Grant recipient Jack Piacentini

JACK PIACENTINI is an undergraduate student in archaeology at Glasgow University, and President of the Glasgow University Archaeology Society. His current studies have explored human activity in Israel, Mesopotamia and the wider Near East from the Neolithic to the Medieval periods. He has some field experience under his belt, but is now keen to apply these skills to a multinational excavation in Israel. As Jack told us: ‘it doesn’t get more exciting than working in an area rich in multicultural and religious heritage’. We’re with you on that one!

On their return, Boudicca, Max, Andy, Robert and Jack will be sharing their experiences with you. Stay tuned.