Volume 21 (2003)

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

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Table of Contents


Research Articles

A.Sasson, Maghar: A Village of Caves from the Ottoman Period in the Coastal Plain

A. de Vincenz, A Crux Gemmata Representation on a Lamp from Ein Gedi

E. Puech, James the Just, or just James? The ‘James Ossuary’ on Trial

M. Merrony, The Late Roman Mosaic Pavements of Phoenicia and Northern Palestine: A Stratigraphic Approach

Review Article

C. Dauphin, Rural Landscape, Settlement Archaeology and Political Ideology

Book Review

E. Netzer, Hasmonean and Herodian Palaces at Jericho: Final Reports of the 1973-1987 Excavations. Volume 1: Stratigraphy and Architecture (D. M. Jacobson).

Summaries of Lectures

J. F. Healey, ‘Dushara and all the Gods’: the Representation of the Divine among the Nabataeans

T. Sam N. Moorhead, C. L. Woolley, T. E. Lawrence and the Wilderness of Zin

J. Boardman, Classical Phoenician Scarabs: A Miniaturist Art of the Persian Period

W. G. Dever, The ‘Golden Age of Solomon’: Fact or Fiction? The Archaeological Evidence

I. Finkelstein, The United Monarchy of Early Israel: Myth or Reality?

W. Y. Loebl, Medicine in Egyptian Canaan

H. G. M. Williamson, Archaeological Light on the Prophet Isaiah

J. E. Taylor, Qumran During the Jewish Revolts (Period 111)

S. C. Reif, Solomon Schechter and his Oxbridge Academic Friends

F. N. Hepper, From Forest to Desert in the Bethlehem Area

P. Magrill, Ancient Pots, Modern Science: Investigating a Late Bronze Age Potter’s Workshop at Lachish

W. Y. Loebl, Medicine in Talmudic Palestine

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