Volume 24 (2006)

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

Y. Hirschfeld, Settlement of the Negev in the Byzantine Period in Light of the Survey at Horvat Sa’adon

Y. Stepansky, Rock-hewn Channels near Tel Hazor: Evidence of a Middle Bronze Age Long-Distance Water Carrier?

G. Hadas, Fritz Frank: A Templar, Surveyor of the ‘Arava Valley, and a Cucumber Grower at ‘Ein Gedi, Israel

S.G. Rosenberg, A New Element in the Dating of the Tobyah Inscriptions at Airaq al-Amir in Jordan

O. Sion, The Agrarian Reality in the Central Samaritan Hill Country and its Influence on the Samaritan Revolts during the Byzantine Period

S. J. Pfann, Dated Bronze Coinage of the Sabbatical Years of Release and the First Jewish City Coin

Book Reviews

Kitchen, K. A., On the Reliability of the Old Testament (H.G.M. Williamson).

Kingsley, S.A., Shipwreck Archaeology of the Holy Land: Process and Parameters (J.E. Landgraf).

Summaries of Lectures

D. Ussishkin, Lachish, Megiddo and the Philistine Settlement in the Coastal Plain

T. Dothan, The Crisis Years, 12th century BCE: Canaanites, Israelites, Egyptians and Philistines

D. Edelman, Dangerous Liaisons: How Fictitious Sanballists are Skewing the Dating of Samarian and Sidonian Coinage

G. Foerster and E. Netzer, A Byzantine Synagogue Identified: Recent Excavations in Southern Albania

N.Slope, Nelson in Egypt: Excavations in Aboukir Bay

C. Bell, Tin, Pots and Donkeys: New Look at Bronze Age Trade in the Levant

W.G. Lambert, Gods of Second Millennium BCE Syria: Texts and Art

P. de Miroschedji, Tel Yarmuth and the Emergence of Proto-State Organizations in the Southern Levant

P. Clayton, Ancient Egypt, Israel and the Bible: Faith and the Archaeological Evidence

M. Spigelman, The Jerusalem Shroud: A Second Temple Burial Answers Modern Medical Questions

G. Brooke, The Site of Qumran: What is all the Fuss About?

Grants given by the Society

Matthew Ponting, Clare Cavaleri, Corisande Fenwick, Jonathan Stöckl

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