Volume 15 (1996-1997)

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Table of Contents


Research Articles
Milevski, I., Settlement Patterns in Northern Judah During the Achaemenid Period
Brooks, S. S., Was There a Concubine at Gibeah?
Lass, E. H. E., Lost in the Maze: An Alternative Method of Designing Matrix Diagrams
Urman, D., A Signet of Bar Kokhba (?) From the Vicinity of Quneitra in the Golan
Dauphin, C., Leprosy, Lust and Lice: Health and Hygiene in Byzantine Palestine

Book Review
Nielsen, I., Hellenistic Palaces. Tradition and Renewal (D. M. Jacobson)

Leon Shalit, 1905-1996 (B. Barnett)

Lecture Given to the Society
Crown, A. D., The Samaritans, Their Literature and the Codicology of Their Manuscripts

Summaries of Lectures
Curtis, A. H. W., Ugarit: Clues from a Canaanite City?
Williamson, H. G. M., Tel Jezreel: The Rediscovery of a Biblical City
Eshel, H., The Contributions of Documents and Other Remains Found in the Judean Desert Between 1979 and 1993 to the Understanding of the Bar Kokhba Revolt
Mazar, A., The Excavations at Tel Beth Shean Between the Years 1989-1995
McQuitty, A., British Archaeology in Jordan
Rosenberg, S., An Assyrian Temple in Ekron of the Phillistines

Grants Given by the Society
Smith, K.; Yekutieli, Y.